Wednesday, March 11, 2009

California Dreamin'

Monday night I watched the sun set in Los Angeles and then watched it rise again in New York City; I’m back and making my way to a full recovery. They don’t call them red-eyes for nothin’! Thankfully, it’s Wednesday night so I’m already nearing another weekend. I had such a fantastic time in California…the sun, the beach, riding around with the sunroof open, I loved it all. In fact, within the first night, we had a whole alternate life planned out for me on the West Coast! I think I’ll stick to what I know…for now.

However, I did pick up some great new tunes with a California vibe. For the full effect, I recommend you read this posting while listening to Carolina Liar’s California Bound…at least that’s what I'll hear playing when I think about my trip! Others that have since been updated to my playlist are MGMT’s Kids and some new Greg Laswell. I had a recent song of Greg’s, but AJ provided me with some more information on his San Diego background (as well as copies of both his albums), so I’m adding him to my ipod as we speak – I’ll get back to you with my favorites.

Some things never change and I’m glad to say that Jordan and I’s friendship is one of them. She picked me up at the airport, flowers and candy in hand, and we instantly picked up the same comfortable feeling we’ve had since middle school. We rode around laughing about the days when we would put Celine Dion’s To Love You More on repeat and sing at the top of our lungs. (You know the one, #14 from the same cd as the Titanic song…which I actually heard in a pizza joint tonight) Hey, we grew up in Paris, Texas – give us a little credit for turning out as well as we did.

Anyway, they sent me packing with a DVD full of new music, a box of See’s Candies and a few more freckles on my face…and I am grateful for all of it! I’ve (shamefully) managed to take a bite out of each truffle in the box and my tan is already fading, but fortunately, friends are forever. Until next time, Cali…

"Chase the sun back to the west coast…" - Carolina Liar

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