Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekly Shuffle

My Apologies. Life has been crazy with visitors, packing, craigslist and giving a 2 weeks notice to anybody who will listen. Not to mention we are jam-packing our last bit of time here with everything New York…dinners & brunches a plenty here in 2D!

If you’ve noticed – anytime I title a post “Weekly Shuffle” it’s because I can’t find something with a cohesive theme, but I’ve got lots of good tunes to share - so here goes with a really random mix!

Kristen and I got tickets to a free screening of the new movie Adventureland last week. Just one of the many perks I’ll miss about NYC and living across the street from a premiere theatre. The movie is based around a new grad in the 80’s who is trying to save his money to move to New York in the fall, so he takes a summer job at a local amusement park and of course, falls in love with a fellow carnie. Summer love & 80’s music inspired me to download Just Like Heaven from The Cure’s Greatest Hits album. I have another great version of this song by Katie Melua, but there ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby.

Also, I was having my usual burrito bowl at Chipotle last weekend when a semi-familiar tune came on the radio, muzak or whatever they call it these days. It was Weird Fishes/Arpeggi from Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album. Shazam reminded me that I had put this on my iphone and completely neglected it since. Now, most people who are Radiohead fans are die-hard. I guess the timing wasn’t right because I just never jumped on that train, but I am a huge fan of this whole cd – which makes me think I should go back and re-evaluate a few things. Not to mention they put on a stellar performance of 15 Step at the Grammys this year with the USC band!

Another exciting thing that was recently released is the trailer for the much-anticipated Spike Jonze movie, Where the Wild Things Are. The trailer is set to Arcade Fire’s Wake Up…thanks NYMag, see below:

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