Thursday, April 9, 2009

Idol Talk

Did you know that Gavin DeGraw has a new album? It came out last week, but has apparently gotten zero promotion – I think probably because it’s not what people expected. (Although, I don’t get the radio, so correct me if I’m wrong, I certainly hadn’t heard about it.) His Chariot cd was a staple the summer between my freshman & sophomore year in college, but he released another one last year that I never bothered to listen to. Probably because Kristen Cavallari was in his video. Regardless, he has come a long way from his “One Tree Hill” theme song days! Free sounds a little bit more like he is singing from his diary; it’s kind of slow, kind of serious and very piano-based. Ease into it with Mountains to Move and Lover Be Strong…if you like those, you’ll probably like the whole thing – and it’s only $7.99 which is pretty cheap.

Also, can we talk a little bit about American Idol? I don’t mean to be rude, but hallelujah that people wised up and gave ol’ Scott the boot. I get why people really wanted to give him a chance, but this is a competition for a record deal. Be honest, would you buy his album? Didn’t think so. I will say though, I’m really loving a few of these people.

Matt won me over with his piano skills, and he’s had a few rough patches – namely when he did Viva La Vida – but I think he’s great, with or without the fedora. I was really hooked when he did Marvin Gaye.
Kris is really sweet and kind of my type…even if he is a married 23-year old. But, he’s been winning over the judges pretty consistently – my personal fave was his rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine!
As for Allison, I think she’s just about the only girl worth voting for. She has a powerhouse voice and pretty bad style but you can’t deny she’s pretty incredible for 16 years old. And if you know me at all, you probably know that I have the Bonnie Raitt Greatest Hits album…and Allison happened to do one of my all-time favorites this week.

Consider yourself voted for.


  1. a couple of my fav's too - Kris is from conway! (where we live) He was a worship leader at a church here. point is, glad you like him! although i am captivated by matt's piano playing, i'm not a fan of his voice. i'd have to replace him with adam for the #1 spot in my top 3. i'm sure your day is made now that you know my top 3.
    you're welcome,

  2. 1) Can't wait for my concert buddy to be back in Texas, GD was here last week and I didn't get to go!

    2) We have the same top 3 idols!