Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness

I know, I know...it's been like a month. March Madness has taken on a new meaning in my life this month, and I'm not just referencing the complete upheaval of the NCAA tournament. (Thanks for nothing, you so-called experts; I've gotten my tail kicked in two separate pools and it's not even over yet.) But really, life has just been crazy lately...so can we just do a little recap action and pick up where we left off? Call it even? Um k, thanks.

First off, San Diego was amazing! We had such a great time catching some rays, catching up with friends and literally eating our way around town. A California burrito stuffed with carnitas, fries and guacamole? Let's just say been there, done that.

Aside from the random snowfall on the first official day, spring has finally sprung in Texas! Earlier this month, Megan had a friend in town for the weekend who'd never been to Texas before. Seeing as it was the first beautiful and reasonably warm weekend we'd had, we all offered up our Saturday to show her that Dallas knows how to have a good time.

An early morning patio brunch was followed by a trip to the Nasher Sculpture Museum, where we were challenged to a drawing competition.

We visited everything but the face painting table, and decided it was just too pretty to call it a day. Why not head to The Ritz to have a mimosa? We walked the few blocks downtown and headed into The Ritz lobby like we owned the place. After being lightly cautioned that the pool was on the second floor and was for guests only, we matter of factly strolled over to the elevators and pressed "2". Worth a try, right?

Right. Not 30 seconds after approaching the locked door, a very friendly pool waiter happily swiped his key and welcomed us right in. After making ourselves comfortable in a row of padded lounge chairs, we ordered mimosas and smuggly snoozed in the sun.

That is until we heard a familiar voice making conversation to our left. Ever so sneakily, I peeked from behind my wayfarers to find a familiar face indeed. Amy whispered "Is that...John Tucker must die?" "Umm hmm."

This is the best shot I could get in my feeble attempt to remain cool. We quietly watched Jesse Metcalfe's every move and eavesdropped on his every word for the next 30 minutes or so. We casually sipped mimosas and enjoyed the view until we could giggle, twitter and text everyone we knew.

Next up, John Mayer. I think a few of you expected a ridiculous, overblown, obsessive post after the concert. (I really don't understand why...?) Truth is, I didn't swoon quite like I used to. Am I growing up? Or is it just all his recent bad press? I don't really know, but he's definitely still a favorite and I'll always jump at the chance to see him live.

This time around I was ahead of the game and pre-sale ordered floor seats a mere 4 months in advance. They were by far the best seats I've had for one of his shows and we got to sit next to Chad, his sound guy, which was kind of cool! His tour crew gets to see the show night after night, so it was fun to watch their reactions; you knew when they were really impressed and when they thought he was being ridiculous.

I wish I had some great photos to show you, but unfortunately this was my view for most of the night:

I hate this about concerts; my perfect (and expensive) view, blocked by love birds and bump-its.

Even still, the show was great. He was extremely grateful, the band was incredible and he showed Dallas a lot of love.

Also, my bracket isn't the only thing that hasn't fared so well through the championship. The Beers? suffered a gut-wrenching loss to end the winter kickball season this past week. There was blood, words were exchanged, and there may have been a few threats to pants their pitcher, but overall we were good sports. We'll be back to take the gold next season...I mean, look at this fierce bunch!

I'll leave you with a quick musical snack. The Temper Trap's Conditions is arguably the best album I've heard this year. I mean it. I've had it in rotation for months now and I'm not over it in the least. I'm seeing them live April 12th, so more to come on them soon.

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  1. "I hate this about concerts; my perfect (and expensive) view, blocked by love birds and bump-its."

    ... Bhahaha goodness I miss your face. What do ya say you bring to NYC, in oh I don't knowwwww, two or so weeks?!?! Weeee!