Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vegas, Baby

I spent last week in Las Vegas for my sister's birthday, which was a blast! We laid by the pool for 3 straight days and soaked up the desert sun while the DJ entertained us with endless tunes that ranged from Rhianna and Journey, to a sweet mix of Coldplay's Clocks with a latin flair. (Speaking of Coldplay...did you know that they are offering their latest live album as a free download? Check out LeftRightLeftRightLeft here.)

For all the goofiness of Vegas, one thing they get right is the music. Everywhere you go, there are DJs and booming speakers! My absolute favorite thing to do there is just stand and watch the Fountains of the Bellagio at night - it's such a romantic experience! We caught several shows throughout the week, each time with our fingers crossed that the next would be Celine...but, no dice. We did get to see one choreographed to Elton John's Your Song, which was equally incredible and one of my favorite Elton songs!
We spent our last night at the Beatles' LOVE show at the Mirage. I actually saw this for the first time 2 summers ago and then subsequently became obsessed with the soundtrack. (Are you really surprised?) I would have never considered myself a huge Beatles fan beforehand, but how could you not be?! I highly suggest it.

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