Saturday, September 4, 2010

Change Of Pace

The blessed cool front that has blown through Texas this past week has shifted the dead of summer attitude to a revived readiness for fall. I think September just might be my favorite month. Besides the literal breath of fresh air, it also has the US Open, the start of college football, the launch of fall clothes and the start of the new TV season. Yes, I believe it is my favorite month.

This past weekend, a great group of college girlfriends traveled from afar to commence our last summer hoorah like pioneer women. Don't be fooled, we were not roughing it. Quite the opposite, really. We had 700 acres, a ranch lodge, 2 mules and a zebra-painted safari vehicle all at our disposal for the best Texas weekend getaway. We rode horses, we bass fished; some of us learned to shoot skeet, and like true city slickers, we all walked away saddle-sore.

We also discovered that there's no better time to reignite your love of the Dixie Chicks like a 6 hour car ride with your best friends! It's amazing how even 10-12 years after they came out, you can still sing every single rift to every single song. There was also a smattering of other old country songs as we confessed our favorite childhood stars: John Michael Montgomery, Doug Stone...Diamond Rio.

But with the close of the weekend and with the temperature returning back to tolerable from stifling, my heart is fully set for the fall. If you're not quite there yet, here are a few things to help set the tone for you:

Arcade Fire's new album Suburbs is amazing, and I haven't really taken it all in yet! I'm the worst about picking 2 or 3 songs and keeping them on repeat (Suburbs, We Used To Wait, & Modern Man). And if you haven't participated in their interactive video, you're missing out on a convergence of musical & technological genius.

Fanfarlo is also on my shortlist for fall. I've had the cd since May, but had only listened to Fire Escape because it was the only song I knew. Now that I've broadened my horizons, I'm a big fan. My favorites so far are Ghosts and Harold T. Watkins.

And for your sneak peek pleasure, check out Chris Martin's debut of a new song that he claims may never see the recording light of day. Happy September!

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